Caravan Star NSS (Nightstrikers) 2007

This is a shmup made with STG Builder for the many fans of Super Star Soldier, Final Soldier, and Soldier Blade. Here, you can select from at least four ships, each with its own different sets of weaponry, speed levels, and abilities... and some ships can even carry its own options with them too. Once done, the gloves come off as you blast away at the many obstacles and enemy ships and scoring tons of BIG points and bonuses within just three minutes to amass the highest score ever possible, all to the tune of some *truly* excellent rock music. In 2011, an upgraded version titled Caravan Star Kai was released with six ships, faster movement, modified weaponry, character turning, hidden bonus, and simultaneous destruction.
Caravan Star Kai - Free Game v0.28d 43MB (uploaded by Freem)
Free Game v1.12 Final 26MB (uploaded by OneDrive)

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