Doka 2: Kishki Edition Agafonoff 2018

On October 17, a tragedy occurred in Kerch located in Russia-annexed Crimea - one of the college students arranged a shooting at the institution, after which he committed suicide. His victims were more than 20 people. As it usually happens in cases of tragedies involving young people, the Russian media have begun to look for guilt in the hobbies that are common for teenagers. Philippe Gross-Dneprov, co-owner of, acted as an expert. He noted that on the VK-page of the killer there were records about rock music, and also told about the game "Doka 2". This guy made up stuff that doesn't exist. Here is what he said - What is "Doka 2"? It is allowed in Russia, from 18 years and older, although it is clear that he played this game from 13-14-15, and we have many children playing it. This is a game where you kill zombies or there are zombies yourself, where you kill people in the most sophisticated ways. That is, there you can come up with your own specific area, maybe the same school, that is, you can also blow up and kill her, but the situation there is more sophisticated. There you do not make a bomb, but you are given various weapons, you can trade. Why is it called “Doka-trade”? There is a trade with various weapons of murder, destruction of people. Special weapons there - how to pull out the guts within ten minutes. This makes fun of this guy's ramblings by actually creating a game called Doka 2. This is a game where you kill zombies, or you yourself are zombies. This is a game where you kill in the most sophisticated ways of people, that is, there you can come up with a certain area. Thank you for my rock childhood. Features: Ability to pull guts; kill zombies; be a zombie; kill people in the most sophisticated way; invent your specific area; trade; special weapon for pulling out guts within 10 minutes. Beware though, the original trailer released was fake.

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