Nanobotic FrozenPixel (FPX) 2019

Early Access Release In the far, distant future, the year 3018, our world has long been taken over and destroyed by Nanobots. After a Nanobot experiment went wrong the entire planet was disintegrated in a matter of nanoseconds, more specifically 35426 times 10 to the power of 9 nanoseconds. These hive minded, super intelligent, nanoscopic robotic beings have the ability to render anything imaginable in an instant, from the environment surrounding them to raging means of mass destruction. In a world of tomorrow, having ultimately replaced all lifeforms, they were left with no purpose for ages and began waging endless warfare amongst themselves. Being manifested as heavily armed robots, they fight on ever shifting battlegrounds, wielding plentiful weapons that transform in a blink of an eye, each specifically designed for any need. Luckily, during the great Nanobotic disagreement, a rebellious minority discovered the way to contact human race back in the present time through a wormhole. Unfortunately due to the wormhole's bandwidth limitations of ~191980 bits per second, they're able to transfer only small amounts of data but enough to be visualized as computer graphics. Thanks to that achievement, humans in the present are able to control robots in the future through a video game. Join the rebellion now, help reprogram the nanobots to revert Earth to its former state. This is a first person shooter multiplayer online battle arena (FPS MOBA). Teams consist out of 5 players whose goal is to reduce an opponents' Base building to a crumbling ruin. To achieve this feat, the players have to clear a couple of rooms along the way by destroying the Turrets that protect them. You can craft weapon elements on the spot and switch between them with ease, you can also craft different types of artificially intelligent (AI) minions and control their actions by interacting with them. It features procedurally generated levels with fully destructible environment. Game is free to play.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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