Tunnel B1 Neon / Acclaim 1996

The premise is that in the overly technological Earth of the future, mankind has seen the arms race escalate to the point where one mad dictator has developed the ultimate weapon. Enter you and your nippy little hovery-car in a last-ditch attempt to stop him using it. This involves racing through various underground tunnels, shooting every-thing in sight - and, of course, not dying in the process. Tunnel B1 is a typical Playstation conversion where you glide just above the surface with some sort of tank. It looks quite good at first sight but tends to get repetitive. The objects are highly detailed and the explosions are very satisfying. Sonically everything is top notch, right down to the cd audio musical tracks that accompany the action. Fans of Playstation action games should look into this.
Full Demo ~3MB ( @ The Forgotten Roots)
Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by Emuparadise)
ISO Demo ~270MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 310MB

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