2084 Feardemic 2018

Early Access Release The year is 2084...and you’re experiencing it from a new and thrilling perspective. This is a fast-paced First-Person Shooter with hacking mechanics. Battle your way through hordes of enemies, hack their minds to gain advantage on the battlefield, and immerse yourself in a riveting short story set in a grim cyberpunk landscape. Battle your way through hordes of enemies and face multiple bosses. Discover the best strategy for each encounter by hacking elements of the environment as well as some of your enemies. Two Game Modes: Story and Endless - Experience a Nano-Phage outbreak simulation gone wrong in the intense single player mini-campaign, or test your skills in the fiercely unforgiving endless mode. Cyberpunk Setting - Experience a dark dystopian world where drugs, Virtual Reality and neural implants are the bread and butter of every citizen. Community Driven Development - It was born out of a fun project from an internal 72 hour-long Game Jam. There's a lot more coming in the upcoming weeks.
Download: None currently available

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