Viscera Cleanup Detail: The Vulcan Affair RuneStorm 2018

His plans set in motion, Dr. Hades and his villainous underlings laughed to themselves from their seats at an elaborate table, deep underground on a remote island lair. It would prove to be a short-lived interlude however, as Fox Huntington, dapper plot-foiler extraordinaire and international man-of-action, proceeded to lay waste to the twisted Doctor's evil plans. The world was saved. Now that an international super-spy has done their part, it falls to you to get on with the real work. So, straighten up your bow-tie, spray on your finest fragrance and pay a visit to your nearest gadget store; it's time to clean this place up. Features: an entirely new level set in Dr. Hades sprawling volcano lair, nestled on a remote island. You will be tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of a mission to take down Dr. Hades and end his 'Vulcan Project'; One expansive new map; a sprawling island lair filled with new sights and content; Eight new songs for the Big Banger radio; Ten new achievements to complete; Plenty of new assets, features and challenges one would expect to find in a super-villain's lair.
Download: None currently available

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