Anshar Online OZWE Games 2018

This is an online multiplayer space shooter. Team up with players and fight intense coop battles in over 50 missions, contracts and assaults, against ever more challenging opponents. Compete against other players in an exhilarating race to determine who among you is the fastest, and battle in an 8-player death match to determine who is the top ace. Each successful mission will increase your level and skill, preparing you for the next fight. Starting out as a fighter, you will customize your ship to your liking by mounting equipment obtained through in-game loot drops, as well as by selecting upgrades in exchange for obtained resources. Or switch ship classes and get yourself a tank or engineer ship, each with specialized weaponry, unique special abilities, and a variety of skins, which allow you and your party to be better equipped to take on each new challenge.
Download: None currently available

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