Synthetik: Arena Flow Fire Games 2019

This is the Stand-Alone expansion to the Rogue-Lite Top-Down Shooter SYNTHETIK. Stand your ground against relentless opponents in five unforgiving challenges. Master the uniquely deep and satisfying weapon mechanics and the unprecedented amount of customization. Discover many dozens of weapons, items, perks and character upgrades. Join the fight alone or through seamless 2 player online co-op. With Synthetik we wanted to bring new depth and mechanics to the genre while leaving a lot of freedom for experimentation and different playstyles. It is inspired by the late 90’s Era of games when people put in all the Features they enjoyed without streamlining to the bare minimum. The next level in gunplay - master it's uniquely rewarding magazine eject and active reload mechanics. Weapons can jam and produce heat, check yourself before you burn yourself. Tame the movement based recoil, discard and switch between varied ammo types. Savor the uniquely satisfying and direct weapon handling, rewarding precision and mastery. We even brought headshots for the first time to the top-down perspective. 2-player online co-op allows you to bring reinforcements to the fight. Better yet, share perks, items, buffs and loot with your comrade. Or, if they get in your way, share your bullets.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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