Overkill's The Walking Dead: S02E02 On The Run OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio 2018

This free DLC contains a new mission where you are able to play 1 story mission and 3 expeditions. The deserter was saved from the church and now he’s starting to deliver information. While his intel is vague, it’ll hopefully take you closer to Patterson. The deserter’s clue points us towards an old Accord Oil gas station. Once a bustling transportation hub for busy commuters on the go, nowadays it’s run by the Brigade and difficult to enter. But we have few leads to follow when it comes to inside information on Capitol Hill and, according to the deserter, the trail leads straight through the gas station. Accord Oil is a well-known chain of gas stations in the Georgetown area. Reaching the area is hectic and it is possible that you could be split up before starting the mission. One survivor can start on one rooftop and the rest on another, or maybe all at the same one. You will spawn randomly, so you have to adapt your approach.As you come closer to the gas station you are able to engage head-on, from the back or the sides. Whether you go in guns blazing or sneak, is up to you. Also, you will never know from which direction Caleb will come from when as it’s time to leave.
Download: None currently available

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