Echigo-ya Cyber Echigoya Kobo 2000

A side-scrolling shooting game conscious of arcade games. It supports two players at the same time, in addition to joypads and keyboards for operation, employing a mouse, you can perform operations to overturn traditional common sense. Besides, there are subtle features such as dropping the graphic that captured 3DCG to 16 colors, and using DirectMusic 's software MIDI which is unusual in the world. There's a special mode which can be played after normal stage end. Weapons equipped on your aircraft are "normal bullet", "homing", "laser" three kinds. Normally bullets are split into five fan-shaped directions towards the front and bullets fly, so you can defeat a wide range of enemies at the same time. Homing is a missile that tracks enemies automatically, but you can also attack enemies in the vertical direction and backwards, but the power drops a bit compared to normal ammunition. Lasers can only attack enemies directly in front, but among the three types, damage to enemies is the largest. It is the point of capture to use these three kinds of weapons according to the aspect, and it is a playing point of the player's arm to successfully operate selection and launching of weapons with two buttons (keys). There are 4 stages in all in the stage. Beautiful scenes that tastefully continue, such as in space and in the sea of ​​clouds. Attack of enemies is also diverse. There are also enemies attacking from above and below and from behind, enemies suddenly warping, enemies spreading bullets and mines, etc. It's hard to expand. The enemies are totally rigid and considerably sophisticated techniques are required to clear without continuity. Especially the boss character that comes out in the last stage of each stage is hard, attacks are rich and move fast, so it will be pretty handy. However, since Continue is unlimited, you can challenge it as many times as you want. When you clear the stage, you get a bonus according to the percentage of enemies you shot down. Especially when the shooting down ratio on the stage is 70% or more, and if you do not receive damage once during the stage, special bonus will be entered. Also, after all stages are cleared, you can play "Special Mode" as bonus. Results in this mode are not registered in the top ranking displayed ranking, but in addition to being able to raise the speed and power of the bullets, it is possible to use a plane that can only be used in the special mode. In Config, you can set the speed of your machine, the frequency / speed of enemy bullets, the afterimage effects of missiles, the starting stage, etc., and options to increase / decrease game execution speed are also available.
Free Game 1.3MB (uploaded by Geocities)

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