Them & Us Tendogames 2018

Early Access Release This is a hardcore, survival horror game with a focus on atmosphere and player immersion. The year is 1978 A lone bus, A terrible crash, out upon the old and winding dirt roads which skirt a vast American wilderness. A survivor. A young woman, her mind scarred by a life of tragedy, her name is Alicia. She is alone. She is injured. And around her, quietly, slowly, a surreal and deadly nightmare unfolds. Fighting for her life, Alicia she finds herself in the midst of events she does not understand- a ‘change’ taking grip on the world around her. It’s nature, it’s cause, unknown. As night descends, as she pushes further into the unknown - Will she survive? Will you? Features: Third person view / Mixed camera view; Beautiful graphics running at 60 frames per second; Fully dismemberment system, cut them, dismember them, set their limbs flying; Explore and find the mystery behind Silent Grove; Solve different puzzles to proceed forward on your journey; With limited resources at your disposal, fight to survive; Run, Hide or Fight - The dead are not the only enemy here; Practice and learn how to use different weapons, and craft objects to use; Use stealth and the environment to your advantage; Collect reminders to trigger clues to your past; Fight Your Darkest Nightmares - Your mind is scarred by a life of tragedy, discover what drives you on.
Download: None currently available

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