Heroes in the Sky: Origin GameUS Inc 2019

Occupation War: You can play a massive occupation war of the Axis and Allied forces; European War Area; Pacific War Area; North Africa War Area; Surprise and counterattack; Strategic combat; Reducing enemy ace by attacking beginners - Deception trick; A variety of buffs are activated on the forces as a result of occupation wars. Event Occupation War (EU vs US, Korea vs Japan etc): It is an unconventional occupation war; This is done in a specially designed field; Depending on the outcome of the occupation war, the named item will be paid as a special reward. Mission: More than 500 actual historical missions are available; You can play with other players in real time in historical battle; Intrusion mode - You can play CoOp with another user in the ongoing mission; Real-time large-scale flight. Over 500 fighter aircraft, bombers, AWACS: Actual fighter from 1940 to 2020; Fighter (speed fighter, attack fighter); Bomber (heavy bomber, dive bomber); AWACS (aggressive fighter, healer fighter); You can grow a fighter; You can decorate your fighter with various decals. - You can use and grow a variety of different skills for different fighters, bombers, and AWACS. You can use special skills of the guild. More than 3,000 quests are available. Quest patterns and rewards are different for each NPC. You can only get skill points in quests. Weapons (guns, machine guns, guns, bombs, rockets, missiles, torpedoes, aerial torpedoes),Equipment (engine, propeller, glove), Decal. You can grow and strengthen the item. When you grow an item, various options are created. You can party with other users to enjoy real-time missions, raids, PVP, and occupation wars. Party play gives you more rewards. You can create a guild or join. You can use special items and skills that are supported by guilds. There are items sold only in the guild. There are items in the guild that can be purchased cheaper than the general shop. Guild skill can be equipped. You can develop your skills through guild growth. Various medals can be collected. You can use various buffs for each medal. Medal title can be used. You can boast your plane and items in the town. You can conduct live events through donations.
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