Blue Falcon / Pureun Mae [K] Byulbram 1995

This is the first game by the developer not to be made by Kim Gwangsam alone. He nonetheless played a very pivotal role in the process, not only directing the game, but also responsible for the concept, graphics and music. Its concept might be one of the most unconventional among Korean developed games. The most fitting description would be "squadron based 360 degree 2D shooter". On a limited stretch of sky, one engages into dogfights with hostile planes. One isn't facing the task alone, however, but takes the role of Wing Commander. Before every mission, a group of pilots is selected, and aid the player either in formation or in free flight. The view is close to the plane, so orientation has to be based solely on the radar. The game takes quite a while getting used to for this reason. One highlight of the game is definitely its soundtrack.
Full Demo 2.98MB (uploaded by

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