Alien Wars / Alien Stars Gametop 2006

Excellent graphics and great simplicity of control are in this old-style shooter. The movement of our spacecraft can be carried out through the mouse with the keys assigned to primary and secondary fire while with the scroller we can choose between the devastating weapons obtained through the powerups. The two-dimensional graphics is excellently made with various parallax levels and specially refined special effects. There will be 15 levels rather long to complete that will be unlocked in sequence upon completion of the same. We can select between four difficulty levels starting from FOR KIDS up to the impossible HARD. Already at the normal level things will not be very simple due to the large number of on screen enemies. The latter are quite varied and at the end of each stage we will have to face it with huge bosses at the end of the level. Ultimately a good 2D shooter to add to your collection.
Free Game 7MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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