Ad Nauseam 2 Cactus Software 2008

Ad Nauseam 2 (Latin for to a sickening degree 2) is a fast-paced shooter played on a single screen and made with Game Maker. The game features pounding music, bright graphics and motion blur that can cause seizures, for which the author warns about in the readme file. The game offers limited room for bullet dodging. With new enemies constantly appearing near the top of the screen, the aim is to kill everything in sight in two difficulty modes. The player's small ship has an infinite amount of bullets, a secondary shockwave weapon that pushes back bullets, and a combined, more powerful attack that can fire backwards as well. After a set amount of enemies, the scenery and enemies change. Press the Z key to shoot, and tap the X key to activate the shockwave effect. Hold both buttons to activate the alternate fire. Using either of these two specials will deplete your circular power gauge, shown discreetly in the background. Collect four green pluses to upgrade your weapon by one level, but be sure to avoid red minuses which downgrade your ship's firepower. Use the F1 function key to switch between uncensored and safe modes. Press F2 to turn off motion blur, or F3 to disable screen shakes.
Free Game 1.7MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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