Toy Trouble Brainsmash Interactive 2002

This game has elements of both beat 'm up's as well as shoot 'em ups. There will be 4 selectable characters (there will be more when finishing the game multiple times). These characters are very tiny radio controllable robots. Each of them will have a completely different look, specialties (one might be fast, but is not flexible and harder to control and the other might be easy to control and flexible but very slow) and each character has it's own special move. Instead of arenas, the game features different rooms as its levels. You can find all kinds of weapons in the room, so you don't have to destroy your enemy using your robots arms. For weapons, you can choose from CD shooters and ping pong ball guns as well as the usual machine guns and rocket launchers. And you can use your bare hands too. Levels will be very different from other games. Instead of arenas (that absolutely make no sense at all) the game will have normal rooms as it's levels. Imagine yourself blasting another robot in the parents' room or even in the kitchen. Features: Arcade, Survival and Time Attack Modes; 2 Player Split-Screen option (Versus Battle and Tournament); Network option (Versus Battle and Tournament); 4 completely different characters, each with there own sub-bosses; 7 rooms to battle in; Support for all DirectX support gamepads and joystick (incl. Force Feedback).
Free Game 10MB (uploaded by Abandonia Reloaded)

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