Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines Troika Games / Activision 2004

This games uses the Half-Life 2 game engine and combines the best parts of role playing games and first-person action games as it plunges players into the dark and gritty vampire underworld of modern day L.A. as a recently embraced fledgling vampire in the service of the city's dark Prince. Players begin their journey into darkness by choosing to play as any of seven different vampire clans. Each clan in the game offers a distinctive set of skills, traits and abilities including: supernatural speed, stealth, invisibility, mind control, inhuman strength, combat, and stamina, each of which will be further refined as players progress through the game. Players will earn and apply experience points to increase their powers and skills, allowing them to create their ultimate creature of the night, from stealthy hunter to seductive charmer to a feral, brutal killing machine. In addition to vampire skills and powers, gamers will be able to call upon a devastating arsenal of weapons including stake guns, shotguns, flamethrowers, submachine guns and sniper rifles, to name a few. Troika shut down on February 2005 leaving behind an essentially unfinished game with numerous remaining bugs. Fans of Bloodlines continued to create and release unofficial patches to address this situation. Two lines of unofficial patches currently exist: The first "unofficial" patch series was started by Dan Upright and then continued by Werner "Wesp5" Spahl and members of the Planet Vampire community. The default "basic" installation mainly applies bugfixes and restored content with relatively minor impact on the gameplay. On top of this a "plus" version can be installed which includes even further gameplay alterations, including new weapons, disciplines, occult items, quest items, and action sequences, based on content left over from development hidden in the installed game files. It restores cut quests from the game - 2 from the nosferatu Mitnick and 1 from Gary. The Mitnick quest "Tangled Web" restores 3 cut maps in the process, namely three computer companies' offices, and it also lets you access the Nocturne Theatre in which you witnessed your sire's execution and were almost executed yourself. It's at version 8.1 (beta 2) as of June 2012. An alternate line of patches, the "True Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch" series, was started by Acrimonious and Tessera on the forums with assistance by several forum members. It is intended to be a true patch to the official 1.2 version, only fixing bugs found in the original game or the official 1.2 patch. The possibly final version release of this "True" patch is the Gold Edition.
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Unofficial Patch ( @ The Patches Scrolls) True VTMB Patch Gold Edition 452MB ( @ ModDB)
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Total Conversions
3CD ISO Demo 2.12GB (upped by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 2.31GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Video Reviews
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GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 2.31GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
UK AlcoholClone 3CD ISO Demo 2.64GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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