Rage 2 Avalanche Studios / Bethesda Softworks 2019

The second entry in the series of post-apocalyptic shooters that take the players to the Earth ruined by an asteroid. The survivors were forced to live under the tyranny of the Authority led by General Cross. The general is doing whatever he can to kill everyone who comes from Arcs – special vaults in which selected individuals could survive the apocalypse. The players assume the role of Walker – the last Guardian from Vineland. He is trying to stop Cross’ plans from realization. It features a vast, open world that consists of deserts known from the previous game, remains of an old civilization, post-apocalyptic cities and settlements, swamps, and jungles. Like in the first RAGE, the map can be traversed on foot or by using various vehicles. In addition to exploration, the gameplay features elimination of hordes of enemies with a variety of guns. The players can modify their weapons in order to increase their combat potential. Walker can also use special skills provided by implants called the Nanotrites. They enable the protagonist to perform deadly attacks like a ground hit or an energy surge that throws away all nearby adversaries. As the players progress through the game, the protagonist learns how to implement the implants into weapons – after filling a special bar and activating the Overdrive mode the weapon is dealing more damage, it gains new parameters and Walker’s health begins to regenerate.
Download: None currently available

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