Ubermosh Vol. 7 Walter Machado 2019

"The Colony is expanding, the Saints of New Ultakaar in their path to Ascension (and to bring us Enlightenment) can call a... UUUBERMOSHH!!" This is a fast-paced arcade series that started in 2015 and was shaped by the amazing community's feedback each new volume. You play as a Saint fighting in a gun-filled pit, defeating as many opponents as you can in a 90 seconds match, the UBERMOSH, an enlightenment ritual of combat. Each Saint comes with a different set of powers and 20 steps of progression. To make the most complex volume of the series your feedback is very very important. Version 0.1 has the first 3 (of 6) characters available. Play now and help to shape the future of UBERMOSH.
Download: None currently available

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