Virtua Squad / Virtua Cop AM2 / Sega Entertainment 1996

Virtua Cop is a first-person shooting game converted from an arcade game in which you play a member of the white-clad Virtua City Police Department. You've received a hot tip about a bunch of arms dealers and are sent in to arrest them. The game wouldn't be any fun if these guys went quietly, so any time you encounter one of the mirror-shaded thugs, they're either leaping out to surprise you with a bullet or trying to snipe you from a high rooftop. You have no control over your cop's movement, and instead are moved along through each 3-D environment while attack situations are set up for you. At this point, winning the game is all a matter of reflexes and timing. On the screen, the enemy who is closest to being able to fire at you is surrounded by a timed targeting reticle. The game becomes intensely cinematic when you shoot these guys. Enemies who are up on rooftops make dramatic, several-story plummets and if your cross hairs are fixed on the enemy, you can hit him with two, three, four bullets (an easier task when you've pick up the automatic or machine gun), spinning him around in an incredible pirouette of death before he finally spills. A fun and quick game for those looking for aiming practice in a story environment.
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Level Demo ~6Mb ( @
Full Demo ~12Mb ( @ Juego Viejo)
Full Demo ~12Mb ( @
ISO Demo (bin/cue) & manual ~358MB (provided by Basha & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Virtua Cop 1+2 - Full Demo with DOSBox (works on Win10) 330MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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