Zog's Nightmare: The National Socialist Movement Jim Ramm / National Socialist Movement 2006

It's 2016 and the National Socialist Movement has grown into a strong political force of millions. America's Nazi Party now stands poised to take the White House. Seeing the foreign aid to Israel soon stopped the kikes respond with lethal force. Dr. Abraham Kikenstein (Proctologist) orders his death squad into action. The terror team deploys to NSM Party Headquarters in Washington D.C. Backed by black gangsters lusting for white blood the unclean hordes shoot their way in and infest the building. Your job Whitey: Ethnically Cleanse. Liquidate all subhumans.
Another racist game, ZOG's Nightmare was made by Jim Ramm, a former NSM member. Both Ethnic Cleansing and ZOG's Nightmare have similar premises. ZOG's Nightmare however, is much larger, having 6 levels instead of Ethnic Cleansing's 2. The game was created with FPS Creator and a sequel was made one year later.
Full Demo ~177MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo + Scans 733MB (uploaded by Dennis95)

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