Not Tonight: One Love PanicBarn / No More Robots 2019

This is a full, extra chapter that follows on from the main Not Tonight storyline. King's Head Dave has had just about enough of everything happening in Britain, and has decided to pack up and move to France, in the hope of finding true love. Will love bloom for Dave, or will he end up looking like a complete wally? Only you can help Dave to secure his romantic future, while the UK collapses in his rear-view mirror. Take on the role of fan favorite King's Head Dave. Help Dave find love in France, while Britain burns down behind him. Use the FlamR app to meet new people and attempt to win their hearts. Mix cocktails like the Snowflake and the Wired Russian. Keep riff-raff out of clubs to earn a living in la France. Around 3-4 hours for one playthrough, with multiple endings to find. Humor that is guaranteed to make you laugh at least 7, maybe 8 times.
Download: None currently available

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