Operation Vorsichtig 2001

The times is March 4, 1944 somewhere on the outskirts of Nazi Occupied Europe. You are B. J. Blazkowicz, promoted Captain of the US Army Rangers. You are one of the most brave and experienced men of the Allied Forces of World War II. You are given only the most dangerous of assignments, and this time they have found something really appropriate for you. They are sending you on a special Covert Operation far into Nazi occupied territory. Alone, you will have to penetrate a hidden Nazi stronghold, going only by the name of the 'Outpost'. Your main mission objective is: To locate and eliminate one of the Nazi legion's most dangerous leaders. An officer who survived the fall of Castle Wolfenstein. His name is Oberst Bertrand B. Vorsichtig." Here's a really well done single player adventure,the story is a bit of a sequel to the original RtCW sp, but a new adventure in it's own right. BJ has been promoted to captain, and has a very tough assignment, going into the heart of Nazi territory to eliminate a surviving officer that is attempting to pick up the work left off by Deaths Head from the original game.
Infos / Screenshots/Download 38MB
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