Project 51 2001

This was a previously retail addon in Russia now available for download. It's a must singleplayer map set to have absolutely! Even though it is in Russian and that one doesn't understand the objectives well (that are explained a little henceforth better here). An American agent arrives in Communist area. Of the whole hours of the game, sometimes there's irritation (mission 3), sometimes beauty (mission 6 and 7). This set of maps is exemplary, with a true story of war against the new weapons of the Reich (the cannon Gilt: mission 1 to 4; the V3 cannon: mission 5 to 7). The best aspect of Project 51 is the size of the mod. There are many levels with varying environments to keep you interested in progressing. Most of the missions are simple “find the papers” or “flip the switch” with the addition of cut scenes to show you what the switch did. The rest of the time you will either engage in firefights or hide in the shadows to progress.
Screenshots/Download 128MB (uploaded by GameBanana)

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