Time Gate 2001

Our hero is a scientist, archeologist finds himself in an ancient undergrount caverns and tonnels built hundreds years ago. Once this place was discovered by nazis but their expedition failed. Fighting through the dark corridors full of zombies, our hero finds an unique artifact - the time gate. using it, he teleports to 1945. germany collapses, the panic is everywhere. The great luck is that artifact teleported our hero into the house basement. yet, resident of this house is a nazy scientist who works under the secret project of the third reich - retribution. It turns out that there are two such gates and they're working in a pair. But nazi scientists found only one portal and they moved it into the secret laboratory placed in the ancient castle. If scientists would activate these gates then nazis would be able to change history turn on the planet. Meet the scientist, in a hope to save himself from the soviet army attack and find refuge on an allies territory offers some help in breaking that secret lab to our hero. For him its only chance to return back to his time. But from the other side, by activating time gate he'd put the world on a verge of disaster. So, his objective is to break into the lab, mine the time gate and have time using it to return back.
Screenshots / Download 93MB (uploaded by GameBanana)
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