GoldenEye: Source Team GoldenEye: Source 2016

It's quite difficult to describe how legendary GoldenEye 007 was, is, and forever shall be. Everyone who owned a Nintendo 64 in the 90's either had a copy or wanted one. Truly, it was one the earliest console first-person shooters to gain such a wide spectrum of fans, becoming a household name overnight. This is not a complete remake of the award winning video game featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond. But, it seeks to pay tribute to this epic shooter and to remain true to the original and also take the game in a new direction - seeing as how technology and the FPS genre have changed a lot since 1997. The multi-player levels which were available at the classic N64 game as well as recreated/modified single-player campaign levels are available. These can be displayed in either "Classic Style", re-scaled and adjusted multi-player levels from Goldeneye 007 with advanced textures and graphics or in "Neo Style", re-imagined levels from the Goldeneye movie or other James Bond movies. Matches are round-based with a fixable amount of minutes per round, where the victor will be the one with the highest score on the end. Weapons, which were level-based in the original game, are determined in many of the spawn locations present on each of the levels. Numerous weapon sets, including weapons which were only available through cheat codes in the original, are available for all players, with possibilities to customize by players and server hosts. Several game-modes can be chosen from the start of a match, depending on the server host and or players available to play a certain type of match. These include: Arsenal - free-for-all with rotating weapons, decreasing in power; Capture The Key - capture the flag variety; Deathmatch - classic free-for-all; License To Kill - hardcore 1 hit, 1 kill free-for-all; Living Daylights - capture the flag variety, gathering points for one self by maintaining flag control; Man With The Golden Gun - deathmatch game, where one of the randomized guns is replaced by the legendary Golden Gun; You Only Live Twice - deathmatch game, with a maximum of 2 re-spawns. Initially a 2005 Half-Life 2 total conversion, in 2016 it's now a standalone free game using Source SDK Base 2007 on Steam.
Free Game v5.0.6 2.02GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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