Star Wars: Rebel Assault LucasArts 1993

The Galactic Empire has been beaten once, but you've only just begun. You are Rookie One, and you must completely crush the evil empire from the rooster of your T16 Skyhopper. You'll first fly a training run through Beggar's Canyon, and then have your first space battle against TIE Fighters deep in space. The giant AT-ATs are on the attack again and you'll fight them over the icy landscape of Hoth. Your squad of fighters will then do the trench run over the Death Star, to kill Vader and his gang. Star Wars: Rebel Assault was the first CD ROM-only game published by Lucasarts, and is one of the oldest titles to make use of extensive full motion video (FMV) on the PC. Although the scenario, the plot, and the variety of missions were considered neither original nor rich, the game was valued for the technical details, since it featured digitized footage and music from the original movies, and full speech. The video was used to display pre-rendered 3D graphics that were far ahead of what a PC could render in real-time at the time. Developers pre-rendered various environments and battles and the player flew through these environments. Unfortunately because it was pre-rendered 3D graphics, the level of player control was extremely limited. In fact, the player could not stray from the path in more than a few branched areas and was usually limited to only aiming the crosshairs at enemies.
Full Demo 236MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
ISO Demo (uploaded by cocomonk22)
Special Edition 3-Mission Demo included in The LucasArts Archives Vol. I - 6CD ISO Demo 8MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in The LucasArts Archives Vol. II 5CD ISO Demo 1.19GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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