DCS: Black Shark Eagle Dynamics / The Fighter Collection 2008

Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) is a series of study combat flight simulator video games meant to provide a much higher standard of realism. The games include a multiplayer-mode to allow players to fly co-operatively or in competition with each other. DCS Modules are also intended to be compatible with each other and with Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 for multiplayer flight. The first module, Black Shark, features the Kamov Ka-50. The simulated cockpit contains all switches of the real helicopter and is almost fully interactive. Most buttons and switches can be operated with the mouse and/or by a touchscreen. Additionally there are around 500 keyboard-commands, with the majority giving the player direct control over those cockpit-switches. The Ka-50 is a ground attack aircraft, wherefore there is a greater focus on ground units than in Eagle Dynamics' previous titles. New ground units include infantry. To handle obstructions in the cockpit (namely the joystick and the pilot's legs) in order to see and reach all switches, the head of the virtual pilot can be moved to a certain degree. To help facilitate this, TrackIR is supported with up to 6 DOF. The DVD contains 9 video-tutorials ("producer's notes"), and the installed game contains a documentation with 500+ pages. Besides offering a simplified game-mode called "Game", several aids can be activated to support the less experienced pilot. Those aids range from an indestructible helicopter, external views and unlimited ammunition to small labels marking every unit in visible range.

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DVD ISO Demo 4.73GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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