Nova 9: Return of Gir Draxon Dynamix, Inc. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1991

It has been two years since the Stellar 7 war. Gir Draxon, the villain, has not been found. Nova 9 has just issued a distress call... Captain John Alex, takes the experimental Raven II tank to investigate the distress call. Nova 9 is the sequel to Dynamix's Stellar 7, a futuristic "tank" shooter, and features similar gameplay. Played from a first person perspective in the cockpit of your tank, the goal is to destroy all of the various enemies found on nine planets. John Alex's tank, the Raven II, is equipped with various weaponry and a long range scanner to help in the mission. It is also equipped with a cloaking device for emergencies. Additional power-ups such as pickup energy and enhancement modules can be either beamed in or "salvaged" from the enemy wreckage.
Full Demo 2.82MB (uploaded by DopeRoms)
Full Demo 2.83MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)
Floppy Images ISO Demo + Full Demo + Dox + Covers + Manual 11MB (uploaded by hfric)

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