White Law Resistance Records 2003

This is a sequel to Ethnic Cleansing based on the events of Pierce's novel The Turner Diaries and made by an underground music label owned by the National Alliance, a white supremacist group. Its 2021 AD following the terrorist attack destroyed Washington DC, the United States capitol was relocated to New York State. Kapitol city was to be a beacon of light for other cities to follow and the most "diverse" city in the nation. Within two years the crime rate was the highest in the country . Kapitol city also had the highest minority arrest rate in the nation. With the minority arrest rate at an all time high Mayor Redstone arrested Police Chief O'Malley claiming he was a vigilante and created the all minority "Equality Police". Now former police officers like Michael Riley formerly of the KPD SWAT team are taking matters into their own hands. The player assumes the role of an ex-police officer going postal after being dismissed because of his political views. The player runs through several buildings, killing people such as police officers, the police chief, a child pornographer and journalists. The player must kill the police chief to win the game.
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Full Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo + Scans 430MB (uploaded by Dennis95)

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