Maze!, The PhreAk Software 1996

This is a shareware Doom clone made with the Pie In The Sky Game Creation System. The shareware release consists of four levels while the registered version has twenty. There is no story or plot to this game. The player walks, or runs, around a maze looking for the exit and shooting and/or avoiding guards and other creatures that are encountered. Some doors open automatically while others require key cards. The default weapon is the 'Ninja Kick' but other weapons, such as a shotgun which does not kill but instead immobilizes the target in a pile of brown goo, can be found during the exploration of the maze. These weapons do not automatically get added to the players arsenal when the character passes over them however, the player must press the 'Enter' key to deploy them. The same mechanism applies to reading messages.
Shareware Level Demo 1.4MB (uploaded by CD Textfiles)

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