Escape P.O.W. Sassy Software / Viper Byte 1996

Two days ago two military and two civilian personal were scanning the Northern Territory when they accedentally crossed the enemy lines and were captured. There has been no sign of them so your command center sent you to retrieve them and destroy all their fuel so they have no transportation. You jump in your jet and was quick to take the mission. You crossed the border and suddenly your engine started to fail.Your jets underside smacked into the ground hard and everything went blank. You suddenly are revived as the cold floor sends chills up your spine. Quickly you jump up and sadly see you to are now in a P.O.W. prison cell ! Your objective in this game created with Pie In The Sky 3D Game Creation System is to rescue any survivors and destroy all fuel.
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Shareware Level Demo 4MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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