Primal Carnage Lukewarm Media / Reverb Publishing 2012

Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs made with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Choose to play as either side and prepare to engage in a heart-pounding, fun, and visceral experience of combat, stealth, strategy, and survival. The Mercenary team is composed of five unique classes, each well equipped for a specific aspect of dealing with the dinosaur threat. Although each is highly skilled and effective, no one person can expect to survive the island by themselves. Teamwork is crucial to the success and survival of all. The Dinosaur team consists of five prehistoric predators that each hunt with their own unique style and abilities. All of them are dangerous and deadly, but for each, the hunting of some humans may offer more of a challenge than others.The clever dinosaurs will know when to cooperate with other predators to get the kill. The human Mercenaries play from a standard first-person perspective, relying on their weapons and teammates to survive the hostile environment. They move together from objective to objective, eliminating anything that threatens them and their mission. The Dinosaurs play from a third-person perspective, employing an awareness of their surroundings and their own natural abilities to hunt their prey. Each predator hunts differently, and feels at home as it stalks through the jungles, fields, or skies. The Mercenary team has been dispatched to reclaim the island by getting to and holding the abandoned facilities which are spread throughout the maps. However, the humans must pass through the primal wilderness to reach these locations, and it’s in the jungles and tall grasses where the Dinosaurs intend to stop them.
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Digital ISO Demo v1.30 + DLC 2.38GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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