Hellgate: Tokyo HanbitSoft / T3 Entertainment 2010

This is Hellgate Global’s major expansion with new maps, items, achievements, and bosses. As demons start to raze the city of Tokyo, heroes from London decide to help the remaining Tokyo soldiers in their war against demons. It boasts tons of new features and updates. Heroes start in Tokyo Base, and continue on to different locations as they progress through the story. Tokyo is composed of 24 new levels, with new monsters and boss monsters. There's two new modes, Cow Room and Base Defense. In Cow Room, heroes will test their strength by facing hordes and hordes of zombies. These zombies can puff out flames, and some of their rooms may contain boss monsters that drop new recipes and shield set items. Also, sandstorms hinder heroes’ seeing ability, adding extra challenge to the mode. In Base Defense, heroes defend supply bases against a horde of demons. In order to overcome the challenge, heroes are required to work with other heroes to ensure the safety of the bases. If the heroes manage to defend the bases, they will receive rewards ranging from palladium to rare set items or legendary items, depending on how well they manage to defend the bases. Heroes wanting more challenge will now be able to play in Hell Mode, with the chance of better loot and experience from upgraded mobs and bosses. It first came out in Korean servers on April 6, 2010 and later for the global revival Eternity on Sep 22, 2011.
Free To Play Client (included in Hellgate Eternity) (uploaded by Official Site)

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