Atomic City Adventures: The Case of the Black Dragon Windstorm Studios 2011

This is a single player 3rd person science fiction action game set in a cool retro futuristic world. It is a world in which flying cars are ordinary, everyone has a friendly robot, and we all live in tall cities of glass and steel. But in Atomic City, the largest city in this bright future, corruption has taken hold, and it’s up to an elite crime fighting force – the Vehicular Strike Force – to clean things up. Players take on the role of Agent Pam Rodgers, a new agent within the VSF, and progress through a series of missions in which they battle evil robots, corrupt corporations, and criminal masterminds while uncovering a plot that jeopardizes the city itself. Players begin on foot and on hoverbikes, but soon progress to full blown flying jetbikes, battling villains both on the ground and in the air in each new mission as they uncover more of the story. In each mission, players discover new weapons, both for themselves and their vehicles that they can equip to give them access to a wide array of blasters, beams and rockets.
DVD ISO Demo 1.40GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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