Enemy Castle, The 2001

This is a nice 2-map singleplayer level pack made by Dialog (Vladimir) set in a Nazi castle in the snowy wilderness. Recently scouts have come across a German soldier who imported something into castle Kraftburg - furniture, regimentals and supplies, also in one of the lorries there was equipment for arrangement of a radio receiving station. Probably Germans have decided to settle down in the site and to equip it under the needs. It is necessary for you, not making noise to make the way into the castle and to find out that the opponent's plans and liquidate German officers. Find a radio receiving station, probably there are important radio messages. If Germans will give the alarm, it is necessary to destroy enemy radio operators so that they could not transfer a radio signal about an attack to their part. Having penetrated into the castle, it is necessary to find any documents which will help to learn (find out) about plans of Germans. It is necessary to find an entrance in cellars of the deputy. Probably in cellars it is possible to find laboratories, in which German scientists carry out development of new arms. It is impossible to underestimate the protection which is taking place inside the deputy. In spite of the fact that Germans did not have time to inform about an attack, it's hardly possible to hope on their carelessness.
Download/Screenshots 11MB (uploaded by GameBanana)

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