Alcatraz: Prison Escape Zombie Studios / Activision Value / Nobilis 2001

You're imprisoned for a crime you didn't commit, so you'd very much like to release yourself on your own recognizance by escaping. Alcatraz is a "first person sneaker," somewhat in the vain of Thief. Guards are not to be fought directly, but hidden from and evaded, or clipped from behind to render them unconscious. Security measures like cameras, lights, electric fences and lasers are to be avoided. You collect items, which could be useful in your escape, like tools, or luxury items to bribe other prisoners. Apparently the levels are modeled after actual prisons (the first level resembles a WWII prison camp), and you've got five of them to escape from. The game tracks your health, fatigue (used up by running) and how noticeable you are by filling up a blue bar (a la the light gem in Thief). Typically, it's all about finding objects to open doors, or to bribe other prisoners for information, with no room for a different approach or strategy. Sometimes you can't manipulate an object until a prisoner has told you about it, even if you've deduced that something must be going on in that area, which is annoying. The game has quite a lot of bugs.
The singleplayer game is mainly about stealth, as you start playing with your fists only and guns (beretta or M16) come later into the game, but it has a full multiplayer component (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Jailbreak). The game also uses the Lithtech Engine. And only in early 2004, it was distributed in France with Nobilis.
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Full Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 290MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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