HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation Digital Integration Ltd. / Interactive Magic Ltd. 1996

Hind is a simulation of the Soviet Mi-24 helicopter (codenamed "Hind" by NATO and nicknamed "Flying Tank" by Soviet troops), and the followup to Apache. It features the most of the same options, including the ability to change between realistic or more arcade-ish controls by reducing roll, adding unlimited ammo or make the Hind indestructible. Gameplay was changed to fit the differences between the fast and maneuverable Apache and the slow and rock-solid Hind - Instead of relying on speed, Hind pilots must be prepared to take all openings possible to attack and focus on avoiding missile fire (as the hull can take machine gun and even cannon rounds happily). Several viewpoints are available, from pilot or gunner to several external views. There are three campaigns, Kazakhstan (where you face a similarly-equipped enemy, pro-independence rebels), Afghanistan (the Mujaheddin, mostly foot soldiers armed with machine guns, rockets and the odd AAA but in a very hilly terrain) and Korea, where you can skirmish against American equipment. Campaign missions range from fixed target destruction (such as a bunker or a fuel depot), troop deployment (or evacuation), attack enemy positions or even lasing a target for the MiGs. There are day, night and foggy missions, where you have to rely just on instruments for navigation, making pre-mission planning (you can edit the flight plan to include more waypoints, or move them to go round or over a mountain, for instance) more important. Each campaign include 10 scenarios that can be played by their own, along several training missions (which are crucial to get the most of the helicopter). Netplay is included, and given the similarities between Hind and Apache, owners of each game can go head to head together.
Full Demo ( @ Abandonia)
ISO Demo 310MB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG ISO Demo 294MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Front Line Fighters - 3CD ISO Demo + Patches 203MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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