Behind Enemy Lines Abacus Software, Inc. 2000

After four previous add-on titles based on historical events from World War II for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Abacus turns their attention to a fictitious campaign that takes place between 1943 and 1945. This expansion pack contains thirty new scenarios designed by Combat Flight Simulator mission designer Peter Tanner, which take place from the Mediterranean to North Africa, France, Italy, and Germany. During the Behind Enemy Lines campaign, your assignment is to infiltrate German territory, secretly move from airstrip to airstrip and, using information gathered by secret agents at the various locations, work your way toward completing four critical objectives. Destroy two enemy installations and make two deliveries of critical information to successfully complete the campaign, but in doing so, you must maintain radio silence at all times! The game offers three starting points with the objective being to amass points while fulfilling missions. Get a perfect score of 4,000 and the manual promises a reward. Options include beginning the campaign in a glider at the edge of enemy territory, starting at the first airfield in a fighter plane, or starting in Berlin and obtaining 2,800 points. Random detection can occur when flying too close to enemy radar or spotters, at which time a timer is displayed on the HUD, giving an indication of how much time you have left to safely complete the mission. Three aircraft used in the missions include the Spitfire MkIXt, the primary Royal Air Force fighter plane, the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf 109G, and a Schweizer 2-32 sailplane (glider) for secretive reconnaissance flights over enemy territory. Also provided for further adventuring in the cities is a German SRV, an ultralight design that is not mission specific. Each aircraft in the game also has a realistically rendered cockpit panel. One of the thirty missions in Behind Enemy Lines available on the Single Mission menu of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator upon installation, 16 are RAF-based with 14 counterpoint German responses. Additionally, a training mission RAF: Behind Enemy Lines is offered via the Training Mission menu that familiarizes you with gameplay and serves as a launching point for the 30 missions. The manual contains a series of notes and tips that range from how to avoid known problems of "phantom" buildings in Berlin in the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator to scenery overload, carrier landings, and occasional sound glitches. Whether you're dodging enemy fighter squadrons, antiaircraft rounds, or snipers in blimps, or simply enjoying the satisfaction of completing missions in stealth, Behind Enemy Lines offers a variety of World War II fighter action. Behind Enemy Lines was originally released under the title of Combat: Operation Victory.

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