Wings Over China: Air Battles of the Flying Tigers Abacus Software, Inc. 1999

Wings Over China is another in the continuing series of expansion or add-on products for use with the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (CFS). As such, the game offers new scenery, 12 additional aircraft and 20 missions to CFS. These Flying Tigers battles replicate the American volunteer pilots' 1941 missions that helped save China from a Japanese invasion. The Allied aircraft featured in Wings Over China include the P-40 Tomahawk (Chinese AVG), P-40 Kittyhawk (USAAF/Chinese AVG), F2A Buffalo (fighter), Bristol Blenheim Mk IV (RAF), B-25C Mitchell (USAAF) and SB-3 Tupelov (USSR). Imperial Japanese aircraft include the Ki-27 Nate (fighter), Ki-43 Oscar (fighter), A6M Zero (fighter), Ki-21 Sally (heavy bomber), Ki-48 Lily (light bomber) and the Ki-30 Ann (light bomber). All of the aircraft in the expansion take advantage of the recently developed (c.1998) Abacus "moving parts" technology and feature authentically based cockpit panels from the era. The scenery will take you to the skies over Burma and South China and "exploding" landscapes complete with barracks, buildings and ground objects. The manual contains a write up of each aircraft that includes specifications (engine, wing span, range, payload and more) as well as short historical notations pertaining to each. The 20 missions in Wings Over China vary and include intercepts, escorts, patrols, airfield defense, ground attacks, reconnaissance, evasion, dive bombing and a ferry run. All of the missions are based on actual combat encounters and seek to recreate conditions as they were in the seven month Flying Tigers campaign that began in 1941.
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