F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 MicroProse Software, Inc. 1992

The sequel to F-19 Stealth Fighter - take America's premiere stealth fighter out for a spin in several battle areas, including the Persian Gulf, Cuba, and even Vietnam. There are various scenarios for each, with air-to-air or ground missions, in "cold war" and full-scale war situations. Players can build up their pilot ranks through completed missions and medals. The game actually has two flight modes. In the "authentic" mode, you have only 2 weapon bays, but you have higher stealth rating. In the "theoretical" mode, you have 4 weapon bays like F-19 Stealth Fighter, but your plane is easier to detect due to a lower stealth rating.
Full Demo ( @ Abandonia)
PowerPlus version ISO 17MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Floppy Images ISO Demo v473.03 & Manual 14MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GOG ISO Demo v2.3.0.9 68MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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