Void War Rampant Games 2004

Void War is a single-player 3D, First-Person Space Dogfight action game for Windows PCs. The player may fly any of six starfighters in a space arenas called "Void Points" bounded by pylons that pull fighters back into the battle should they stray to far from the action. Void War's action includes Newtonian-style physics and elements such as gravitational pulls (in a nod to the great-grandaddy of computer games, "Spacewar"). Besides the usual laser-style weaponry, Void War ships include guided missiles that usually have a debilitating effect on other ships, rather than strictly doing damage. This means that players will rarely be able to rely upon missiles alone, but must use their gunnery skills to secure a win. All ships include a "special ability", including the ability to use 'hyperspace' to randomly warp to a new location, or surround the ship with a shield that grants near-invulnerability for a short time, or to drain a nearby enemy's power. Void War includes a single-player campaign mode that takes the player through a series of missions through bizarre deep-space phenomena, fighting waves of enemies and unique "boss" ships. There is also a "free-for-all" single-player mode that is simply a deathmatch-style space brawl. Finally, there are free-for-all and team-based multiplayer modes that allow players to fight with or against each other in LAN or Internet play.
Level Demo v1.2 10MB (uploaded by GameFront)
Full Demo v1.01 13MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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