World War II: Pacific Heroes / WWII Fighter Pilot CITY interactive Sp. z o.o. 2004

World War II: Pacific Heroes is an arcade shooter and, as the name implies, takes place in the Pacific theater of World War II. The gameplay is two folded. In some levels the player controls an airplane, in some others, the player controls an anti-aircraft gun. In the airplane levels, the player controls either an F4U Corsair or an SBD Dauntless in dog-fighting or bombing missions, fighting enemy airplanes, tanks and ships, while protecting allied structures or ships. In these levels, the airplane is controlled with the mouse, with the first button used to shoot the airplane's cannon and the second button used to fire rockets (for the F4U Corsair) or dive bombs (for the SBD Dauntless). Speed up and down controls can be assigned to the mouse wheel, allowing full mouse control. In the anti-aircraft artillery levels, the player is put in a first-person view, controlling machine guns, autocannons and field guns. The aim is controlled with the mouse with the first button being used to shoot. The missions consist in shooting down enemy airplanes or destroying enemy barges while protecting allied structures or ships. The game comprises 20 missions.
included in Combat Wings: Battle Of Britain (2006) DVD ISO 1.30GB (uploaded by Trey)
Full Demo v1.70 11MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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