Lockdown: Stand Alone Viversion 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Dec 21/2017 No one knew that the greatest discovery in the history of man would also lead it to its very end. This is a blend of action and horror that offers freedom of movement, refined gun mechanics and large city scenes. Welcome to Anno Satanas. The world as you knew it has come to an end. A new era began in the early 2030s when mankind discovered a renewable energy source with unlimited possibilities. No one knew that this was the discovery that would lead mankind to its end. As the final hours are drawing near, you are approaching what's left of the city of St. Louis. The clock for the next event is ticking - and you stand alone. Feedom of movement - No wave shooting , no small claustrophobic levels restraining you to a small play area. Locomotion - Movement is done via a combination of touchpad movement and teleporting; Support for room area, standing and sitting experiences. Have a small room? No problem! It can be played standing in place or sitting. No room area is required at all.
Download: None currently available

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