Deus EX Machina 1997
This is a single player game structured on 8 levels. It does not support cooperative nor deatmatch gameplay. Gameplay is linear, meaning that once you leave a particular level you cannot return, so make sure to collect any useful item before entering a new location. Unlike the original Quake II, several monsters attributes (aim, rate of fire, rocket speed, splash damage radius, etc.) are affected by the skill level. All enemies have enhanced pathfinding and A.I. thanks to the Lazarus engine, for example they no longer walk among unexploded grenades, nor fire rockets near walls, nor suicide themselves against active lasers. Apart from these general enhancements, you will find some specific monsters to be smarter compared to the original game. Gunners, for example, are much better grenadiers than ever: if a grenade can hit the target, they use the correct elevation angle to get the grenade there.
included in Quake 2 Super Pack 2 - Download 248MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Download 10MB (uploaded by JimW)

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