Citadel 1997

During routine sensor scanning of the Stroggos surface, a strong energy emission has been picked up, apparently emanating from a mountain region of the planet previously assumed of scarce strategic value: actually we were in error, as energy peaks of such magnitude indicate the presence of power cores, whose systematic destruction is among our priorities now that the Big Gun and the Gravity Well have been neutralized. This levelpack was heavily inspired by "The Powersphere Quest" by Cedar Kraus, probably the best SPQ2 ever made. Apart from the blue strips along the roads, there are also other tributes, including a couple of rooms which are quite identical to its predecessor. However, all of these visuals were rebuilt from scratch, mostly using screenshots and observation. The pack features a number of new monsters, enhanced AI, new weapons such as Plasma Beam, Chainfist, Phalanx Cannon and more, plus Homing Missiles and other military supplies and items like IR Goggles. Citadel 3.0 contains two more maps than the previous version, bringing the total to nine (eight regular levels and a secret level). All the old maps have been revised and re-compiled, with more or less evident changes in visuals, layout and gameplay.
Download v3.0 31MB (uploaded by Func_Msgboard)
Download v1.0 21MB (uploaded by The Quake II Repository)

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