Earth 1997
You are on your way for a well deserved vacation of sun, surf, and fishing. The Strogg invasion is over. And, the world seems peaceful at last. The bus you are riding moves gently down pastoral country roads to where the mountians meet the sea. Suddenly, your cell phone comes alive, bleeping for attention. Now what! nobody has your number except... You grab it and immediatly a statically voice pleads "We need help! They're Back! Someone must go out and find the stargate..." Then all is silent. Strange... Suddenly there is an explosion and all blacks out. You come to next to the wreckage of your bus, dazed. All that comes back to haunt your memories is that pleading voice about the stargate. This is a 2 Unit Quest with multiple sublevels. It is a quest for the Stargate to Antares and a final showdown with the new Strogg Makron. These units have many custom textures, their own set of skies, and new sounds.
Download (thanks to vicpas) 19MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Quake 2 Super Pack 2 - Download 248MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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