Citizen Abel Episodes 1-4 1997
The Citizen Abel series has nothing to do with Strogg war or processing plants. In these levels you play Citizen Abel, a hired hit man/professional thief. It has a nice story line and sense of humor. Episode 1: The Self-Entitled Adventure A Small Red Box is desired by your latest employer, who goes by the name of Dr. Rennie. The only thing that you know about The Red Box is that Dr. Rennie is willing to fork over serious bucks for it; and basically, that is all you want to hear. Via airplane, the drop should land you right into the loading dock facility The Red Box was last seen in. Luckily, the good Dr. Rennie will also provide a supply box with a Holy Toledo 32-Gauge Shotgun and an amount of premium-grade shotgun shells. Episode 2: Bargain-Bin Savior you follow the instructions of some dude throughout the pack (very similar to Mel Soaring 2) and to add to this are some nice cutscenes. The design of these levels was also excellent and quite unique. You start off in some sort of town before climbing into the palace to steal the CD and then escape inside a spaceship. Episode 3: The Civic Redemption It starts off with Abel being launched towards Stroggos, however things get out of control and you're left to fight for yourself. Eventually you make your way to the Big Gun where the Stroggs are running the show. Obviously, your plan is to destroy it. There are 20 levels but only about 50 enemies, many cutscenes/demos, and many F1 updates. You can even read the logs from poor dead soldiers. Episode 4: Malfunction Junction you have a number of interesting objectives such as meeting Makron at the bowling alley. He forces your next target to be the Mayor of Sand Yego, but once you kill her you not only have the city police on your tail, but also Makron who seems to be have gotten bored hiring you. You're given a new weapon which you use against only the Soldiers, Infantry, Flyers, Icarus and Parasities for the whole game until the final battle. Despite being eight levels long, there were probably around 150 enemies total, mostly small fry Soldiers. Puzzles feature prominently and level design is very interesting. The Lazarus engine implements fog and adds a third person view, custom enemies and the great sequence with Markon.
Download Eps 1-4 15MB (uploaded by vicpas)
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included in Quake 2 Super Pack 2 - Download 248MB (uploaded by vicpas)

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