ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead - Private Military Company Bohemia Interactive 2010

This $9.99 DLC is a mini-expansion that adds the new ION, Inc. playable faction to the game in a new single player campaign that will have the group investigating Takistan's (supposedly) shut down nuclear program through ten missions. It has fully implemented 2 player co-op mode, and a new map featuring abandoned wasteland style military weapons test range environment, built upon brand new models and textures. There's unique new character models, exotic new weapons (AA-12, fully modelled XM8 variants), and detailed new vehicles (Ka-60 ‘Kasatka’, Armed Helicopter UAV, Armoured SUV). Numerous new engine updgrades, including full Shotgun Ballistics Modelling and in-game Video Playback. One year after British and coalition armed forces successfully quelled the insurgent uprising in Takistan, the NATO Green Sea deployment is in the process of a strategic drawdown of its combat troops in the region. Private military contractors shoulder the burden of the increased workload, with competition rising between the multinational organisations for lucrative security contracts. Private Military Company, ION, Inc. (formerly Black Element), successfully bid for a contract – codenamed Black Gauntlet – to provide security for a UN investigation team as they seek to piece together information regarding Takistan's abandoned nuclear weapons programme.
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included in ARMA II Anniversary Edition DVD ISO 7.38GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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