Milous Mission Maps 1997
Milous has made some nice singleplayer level packs. Gladiator made in 2003 has 8 new levels with new enemies, new graphics, new textures, new models, new code, fantastic atmosphere and good music from Lemonhearth Club. Prepare yourself to be surrounded with hordes of strogs, make good use of your arsenal, or else. XXX made in 2004 has 12 tough new levels with layout and visuals that are absolutely gorgeous. 666 made in 2005 has 8 new levels with a lot of action, some excellent challenges, and some very cool arenas to do battle in. Hell Is Only For Heroes made in 2006 has new engine Knightmare and 21 maps plus two maps from Mark Shan. Q10 made in 2007 also uses the Knightmare engine and continues the difficult . Hellbender made in 2008 uses KMQUAKE2_020 engine and can be played in coop also.
Gladiator download & patch 19MB (uploaded by GameFront)
XXX download 33B (uploaded by GameFront)
666 download 39MB (uploaded by GameFront)
Hell Is Only For Heros download 73MB (uploaded by FilePlanet)
Hellbender download 55MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Q10 download & fix 120MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Download All-in-One Pack 540MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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