Army Ranger: Mogadishu / Terrorist Takedown: Conflict In Mogadishu Jarhead Games / Groove Games 2005

You are a member of the elite fighting unit, Army Ranger. Deployed into Somalia for operation Task Force Ranger, you take part in the events leading up to the historic firefight of October 3, 1993. Many military experts refer to these events as the most intense and prolonged firefight involving American forces since the Vietnam War. Run day and night missions including the protection of shipments, defending HQ from mortar attacks, arresting key officials, rescuing hostages, and destroying key enemy facilities. There are 10 single player missions and you can control a squad of rangers by giving orders including Go, Engage, Cease Fire and Hold Position. There are authentic vehicles like HMMVVS and Blackhawks, 9 real world weapons: M9 Beretta, CAR-15, M16 with M103 grenade launcher, MG249 SAW, M40A1 Sniper Rifle, Frag Grenade, Shotgun, and LAW. You can use night vision goggles and get air support from Little Birds and Blackhawks. An in-game mission map with waypoints help players complete mission objectives. It uses the Lithtech Jupiter engine. The game also came out in Europe as part of the "Terrorist Takedown" line of budget shooters.
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ISO Demo ~636MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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